Employed people, in particular, repeatedly have problems completing further training. The often long journey or the fixed course of study prevent the combination of work and study.
At many universities and distance learning colleges, there is now the opportunity to complete a degree as an online degree . In this self-study, an increasingly large part of the course content is completed at home in front of your own computer. Teaching materials and videos are offered via a virtual campus instead of being taught in face-to-face events or phases. The online course is completely equivalent with other types of study, such as attendance studies or distance learning courses. Master’s courses and bachelor’s courses are also offered as online courses. Nothing stands in the way of in-service training! 


What is an online degree?

The online course differs only in the availability of the learning materials and the required events. If you study online only, all materials are available online. Elements from e-learning are used. E-learning means that learning materials are used digitally and learning is supported in this way. 
While many providers are now using online platforms that are characterized by interactivity and multimedia, these courses are often a mixture of attendance phases and e-learning. Nevertheless, the usual problems in the connection of everyday working life and studies still arise for working people. With a real digital degree, for example, there are no longer any classic study books that you know from other courses at distance learning universities. The presence phases are replaced by online lectures or live video conferences . Group work with other students is done together in digital rooms and questions can be asked to the lecturers via a chat function or microphone.
The same requirements apply to online studies as to other courses. Of course, the student must be admitted to the course by enrolling. Depending on the course of study, the Abitur, the  or a specific professional or university degree with professional experience is required. But you also need a computer and a fast internet connection. A tablet or smartphone can also be useful. A headset is recommended for videos or conferences. The university can help with technical problems.


Course of an online course

The process of an online distance learning course is no different from other courses. First you have to be enrolled. After this, the students who are now enrolled will receive their personal access data for the online campus. The course usually starts with an introductory event. From their own computer, students can put together their courses each semester in order to prepare for and complete their bachelor’s or master’s degree over the course of their studies.
The online campus is the central contact point for self-study. Not only do the webinars take place here, but there are also ways to ask questions or register for the exams. On this virtual campus you will also find information material or you can contact the student advisory service or the examination office.
After all courses have been mastered, a thesis must be written in order to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree.


Advantages of studying online

Similar to distance learning, the students learn from home and work through the learning content themselves, which is why this type of study is also referred to as self-study. It is a great advantage of extra-occupational courses that everyone can organize their time freely . After a few years in the profession, there is the opportunity to pursue postgraduate studies or an additional qualification. Some advanced training courses are now also offered as digital distance learning courses.
The learning materials are available 24/7. Therefore, it is also possible to repeat a learning unit without any problems. In addition, it is possible to constantly ask questions to the teachers or fellow students without being dependent on the next face-to-face event. In addition, there are usually options to get in touch with fellow students and form study groups. In this way, contact with other students is not neglected even when studying online.
By the way, you don’t necessarily have to sit at home in front of your computer when studying online. AlsoIt is easy to learn when traveling or in a library, since you always have your learning materials with you on the computer. Internet access is often the only requirement. This allows enormous flexibility .
Another advantage of online distance learning is that students do not have to move to another city to study. In this way, online studies can be better reconciled with everyday life than face-to-face studies. In addition, this saves costs.


Disadvantages of studying online

Although the selection of real online study programs is already enormous, it still cannot compete with that of face-to-face studies. The reason for this is that the concept for the providers is very extensive. Existing teaching materials must first be digitized. 
Due to digitization, technical problems , such as internet problems, are a bigger problem than in face-to-face studies or in distance learning courses that are not completely digital.
As with distance learning courses, a large portion of self-discipline is also required in order to motivate yourself again and again, to estimate the time required and to plan your learning units independently. 


An online course at the Udemy

Online courses with an accredited academic degree are recognized in the same way as traditional courses. However, not all online courses offered are at an academic level , but end with a certificate . 
Udemy offers a variety of bachelor’s and master’s courses, all of which can be completed online. Here you will find courses such as business management, but also courses in IT and much more. In addition to these, so-called nano degrees are also offer as an additional qualification. For many courses, you can choose between full-time or part-time study. Study with Udemy and get amazing discounts on courses.