Cloud Gaming is one of the greatest revolutions in the video game industry and has been confirmed this year. Good for the advent of Google Stadia with xCloud, we’re heading into the month of October as Microsoft revealed the first phase of massive testing. Now some insiders have access to an application that will allow you to use this service. Cloud Games which will allow you to play a limited catalog of games through your mobile device. From networks where the first xCloud apps appeared in the Xbox Store.

Insider WalkingCat was responsible for spreading this information, and you can see that there are several links in the Xbox Store that include various test apps. While they don’t end up opening up something that later becomes something commercial, they did bring the first xCloud apps to the Xbox store.

Various pages have disappeared from the Xbox Store. However, there is always someone attentive who has made a grab of what is offered in the links offered by an insider on Twitter .

Two pages appeared on Microsoft’s online store, “XCloud Test Game” and “xCloud Paid Test Game” . All indications are that these are products that will be used to conduct special tests, but this is not what the final product shows. While a possible theory could be established between both products where reference can be made to the existence of a free app and a paid app . This is something that Microsoft has not yet decided how it will be driven by the business or subscription model that will give access to xCloud.

With this opening, while payment may be obvious, in the free space we could think of a service for Xbox users who have active subscriptions, either a demo or a beta that could be released in October Obviously neither of these two uses xCloud It is available for download, forcing the use of a code so that no one can accidentally download it. In both cases, they take up 200 MB, and they are the same application, different subscription or payment method.