If you own a cute cat or puppy, chances are that you’re giving it the best care that you can. The thing is, no matter how much you keep an eye on them, they can still land in trouble and end up eating something they shouldn’t. Like a bee or a wasp falling from the sky.

Sometimes It’s not nice to laugh at someone in pain. But the animals who got stung below are truly hilarious that we can not hold our laughter. The way they look regretful after their important life lessons are also truly adorable.

Tell us your favorite images of swollen puppies who have learned the hard way not to swallow everything in their path as you scroll down. Please let us know which images of these unfortunate puppies made you smile or cry the most in the comments section below. And if your pet has ever eaten a bee, let us know in the comments what you did to help it.

1. He still doesn’t know why bees don’t like to play with him

Animals Stung By Bees

2.  “I thought those bees are friends”

Animals Stung By Bees

3. A Hive of Bees Defeated Poor Good Boy

Animals Stung By Bees

4. ‘I swallow a ball now’

Animals Stung By Bees

5. I told you to get away from those bees!

Animals Stung By Bees

Animals Stung By Bees

6. I told you not to eat a wasp

7.  Or even look at them!

8. And also you!

9. A cat clown

10. Poor his purple eyes!

11. He just loses trust in the bees

12. “I thought the outside is fun!”

13. I’m not fat. The bees made it

14. Poor foot

15. Cat Ate A Wasp… Now It Looks Like Jay Leno

16. So My Cat Was Stung In The Chin By A Bee Today And Ended Up Being Sexy

17. Rather than sexy, he looks…strange

Tango Had A Swollen Chin

18. My cat wanna taste the bees and his tongue now

Cringer Ate A Spider But The Spider Bit Back - Who Needs Lip Fillers!

19. He had trauma now

Stung By A Bee

20. I told you not to mess with the bees! Now you look like a Kardashian!

r/funny - I f*ckin' told you not to mess with the bees! Now you look like a Kardashian!