Jeans make life a lot easier and are suitable for any occasion. It is difficult to find a more versatile and comfortable piece of clothing. What fashionable jeans you need to look after right now, we will tell you.



  • Fashionable, practical, elegant


Fashionable, practical, elegant

This season, cropped models with a low or medium fit are in fashion. They emphasize the waist line, suitable for the city and natural locations. Combine with different shoes from classic shoes and sandals to sneakers and sneakers.

Light colors are relevant: white, blue, olive.

The main advantage of fashionable summer 2022 jeans is that they can be easily combined with any thing: classic and weekend blouses, T-shirts, tops. They are worn with jackets, cardigans, jackets or sweaters.

Meet jeans 2022: women’s fashion news in detail:

  • length above the ankle or to the middle of the calf;
  • embossed seam in the center of the leg for a visual length of the silhouette;
  • zippers and buttons for a comfortable fit;
  • straps on the sides to adjust the volume – provide a fit on any figure;
  • side welt pockets;
  • straps under the straps to focus on the waist and change the image with the help of accessories;
  • straight cut – a suitable solution for any features of the figure.

Speaking about what jeans are in fashion now, it is necessary to note the trend towards natural material. It is 100% cotton. The fabric is dense and durable, securely holds its shape and tightens the silhouette, masking extra pounds and figure flaws.

women's fashion jeans

Straight loose fit does not tighten the body and does not restrict movement, allowing you to comfortably do any business. 

Due to the neutral design, the absence of bright details, the models have practically no restrictions on wearing – they look at ease in the office, cafe, restaurant, on vacation, shopping, disco, party, ordinary or romantic walk. By combining them with other items, it is easy to create spectacular festive or stylish everyday looks.