Cartagena: A city full of charm

The wonderful Cartagena is considered one of the most important tourist cities in Colombia and it is no surprise, as it carries with it a historical value that represents the entire nation. It is also a great place to enjoy and enjoy a vacation in the company of friends or family who want to live new experiences in a charming destination.

If it is in your plans to go to the incredible Cartagena, but you only have two days to get to know it, this guide will be very useful and will allow you to visit the most charming places in this magical coastal city, getting the most out of your visit, you will know what to do a super weekend in Cartagena.


Day 1: A Saturday in Cartagena

8 – 10 am A delicious breakfast

One of the greatest charms of Colombia is in its rich gastronomy; and what better place to discover it than in Cartagena, where through typical dishes such as arepa e’ egg you can experience new flavors that give you pleasant experiences; Find it in various restaurants or street stalls and get ready to add this food to your list of favorites. We recommend you try it, as it is a typical preparation of this area. Don’t forget to accompany it with fresh orange juice or Corozo, one of the exotic fruits of the region.

10 – 12 pm The wonderful Historic Center of Cartagena

This is one of the most special and emblematic places in charming Cartagena due to its historical importance, so much so that in 1984 it was declared a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.

Enjoy the climate of this beautiful city and delight in the colonial architecture that decorates the wonderful streets and is worthy of the best postcards, take photos on the colorful walls and let yourself be carried away by the charm of this place. Also, you can buy crafts made by local inhabitants who maintain traditions and make a living from their creations. Being here, you will feel like the protagonist of a film worthy of all the Oscars.

12 – 2 pm A historic lunch

Take advantage of the fact that you are in the unique Historic Center of the city to visit some of the most recognized delicious local food restaurants in the city. We recommend you try the dishes at the Candé restaurant, a charming place where you will find 100% Cartagena food with local ingredients and a lot of sea flavor. You can choose between shrimp cocktails, soups, ceviches, meats and many other preparations that will bring you closer to the gastronomic culture of the region.

2 – 5 pm The spectacular Castillo de San Felipe

To continue making the most of this beautiful area of ​​the city, your plans in Cartagena cannot miss a visit to the Castillo de San Felipe, considered one of the seven wonders of the most welcoming country in the world. Get ready to enter centuries-old passages full of history and discover this place built in 1536, which served as a shelter for the military during the Spanish colonial era.

In this experience you will be able to rely on expert guides, who will tell you a story that is still present in all Colombians. If history, the colonial era and spectacular architecture taken from the set of a Hollywood production are your thing, this will be the right place for you.


5 – 7 pm A Caribbean Dinner

To enjoy a delicious outdoor dinner with Caribbean flavors, we recommend one of the most recognized restaurants in Cartagena; Juan del Mar. It is located in a traditional house in the Plaza de San Diego, which preserves the architectural style of the 19th century, decorated in a subtle and simple way so that the architecture and the dishes catch your attention. On the menu you will find dishes based on seafood ingredients, so take a risk and try something new to delight your palate.

7 – 12 am Night of charm, color and dance

What trip to Cartagena would be complete without a spectacular and colorful night of partying? Every local and tourist should let themselves be infected by the vibe of Cartagena’s nights, which thanks to the joy of its people are full of music, color and dance.

At Bazurto Social Club Cartagena you can enjoy the best rhythms of champeta, cumbia, porro and even fusion sounds like hip hop. You can also have some delicious drinks, eat a ceviche and enjoy the company of locals and tourists from all over the world, in addition to filling yourself with the best energy of this beautiful place.

Day 2: A Sunday in Cartagena

8 – 9 am The colorful Barú

One of the greatest charms of this area of ​​the country are its incredible and colorful beaches, especially those of Barú, a coastal area located 45 minutes from beautiful Cartagena that provides the perfect setting for you to enjoy nature, so take advantage time and travel to this paradise where you can carry out various activities with your friends, family and get out of your routine.


9 – 12 pm Fun and joy on the beach

While on the beach you can access some plans for spectacular water activities such as diving or windsurfing, which will connect you with the sea and will entertain you for hours. If, on the other hand, you want to rest, take some time to enjoy yourself under the sun and order a plate of exotic fruits and a coconut water that will refresh you and make you feel totally relaxed.

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12 – 2 pm Amazing Caribbean Lunch

To enjoy local food in the best way, you can look for one of the charming restaurants in the area, where you will surely find a Caribbean menu. We recommend you choose a fried fish accompanied with coconut rice, fried patacones and salad, a menu that will delight you and make you enjoy the seasoning of the coast.

2 – 3 pm Return to the beautiful city

To continue enjoying the wonderful Cartagena, its colors, flavors and rhythms of the Caribbean.

3 – 5 pm Heredia Theater

This is located inside the walled area of ​​Cartagena and will surely catch your attention due to the beauty of its façade that will make you remember period films. In addition to appreciating its exterior design, be surprised by its Italian-style interior adapted to Caribbean culture, which has paintings by Enrique Grau on the curtain and ceiling.

5 – 7 pm The wonderful Zenú Gold Museum

For the last tourist plan of your visit to this spectacular city, we recommend that you visit this museum that houses wonderful gold and ceramic collectibles from the main pre-Columbian cultures. During your tour you will be able to learn more about this ancestral culture through the more than 500 pieces of metalwork, ceramics, lithics, shells and even bone.

7 – 9 pm Dinner in beautiful Cartagena

Once you leave the Zenú Gold Museum, take some time to walk around the area and continue filling yourself with experiences. You can go through the Sweets Portal, where you will find typical coastal preparations such as cocadas, milk cookies and others to sweeten the moment.

During your tour you can look for a local restaurant and try some traditional Colombian cuisine, take a risk and taste the flavors of the coast, which are characterized by the good use of sea ingredients, local fruits and vegetables that give the best flavor to the dishes. preparations.

Marvel at beautiful Cartagena! Pack your suitcase, wear comfortable shoes and enjoy the colors of the buildings, fruits and corners of a city that inspires and that welcomes more foreigners every year, who find this an ideal destination to rest and discover the charms behind Colombian culture.
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