Skirts are the staple of your summer wardrobe. Suitable for any occasion, combined with a wide variety of clothes and accessories, easily adapt to any style and mood. The main question of the hot season: what to wear with a skirt in the summer of 2022 to stay on the wave of fashion trends?



  • Calling for help tops
  • We focus on femininity
  • Create a strict look with jackets


Calling for help tops

A light top is the best combination for a skirt of any length. Paired with a long one, it forms a set for the office, and in a company with a short model, it creates the perfect outfit for going to a club or a romantic look for a date.

Thin straps accentuate the line of the shoulders. A fabric based on natural silk, chiffon or thin cotton will be a salvation in hot weather.

The colors are optimal light or pastel, so as not to attract the sun – white, cream, milky, powdery. 

For an evening or cool weather, a short-sleeved top with a round neckline in classic black is suitable. 

We focus on femininity

Feminine combinations create blouses:

  • a strict white button-down shirt with long sleeves is an indispensable attribute of business and office style, ideal with a tight knee-length skirt and an elegant belt;
  • a loose blouse with puffed sleeves and a stand-up collar is the best answer to the dilemma of how to wear a skirt at work and on vacation;
  • a delicate translucent model with a frill collar and ruffles is a versatile option for any environment.

The priority is white and light colors, light translucent fabrics, lace and discreet jewelry in casual style.

Create a strict look with jackets

Straight-cut jackets and jackets are back in fashion.

With a miniskirt and a light blouse, they look great on a walk or study.  

Pencil, tulip and classic knee-length skirts combined with a button-down jacket create a spectacular office look. And wearing a long maxi skirt under the jacket, you get an informal look for the holiday.