How to choose shorts for men according to your body shape:

Special men’s shorts

This will certainly not have escaped your attention, if you are less than 1m66 it is medically proven… You are considered short and being 1m80 but with your arms raised is cheating!

Choosing your men’s shorts is as easy as pie! For reasons that you will quickly understand, it is not preferable for you to wear long shorts  at the risk of them reaching your ankle. Besides, for your  small body shape , it’s the common tip of the cuff on shorts  that will save the day so don’t lose sight of it to accompany these favorite shorts :

Short man choose his shorts according to his body shape

Short shorts or mini shorts

In denim, cotton, fleece or polyester, this style of shorts has no limits. It will reach you mid-thigh and will lengthen your legs by simple optical illusion.

Bermuda shorts cut for men according to their small body shape

Bermuda shorts 

Ancestor of shorts, its classic straight cut above the knee will be assimilated with a simplistic and colorful look , to no longer draw attention to your waist!

Big men’s shorts

Big dande that you are, reaching 1m85 is ok for you! Well, be careful when choosing men ‘s shorts  according to your body type because they will determine 85% of your looks this summer in shorts ! 

To cover your legs worthy of Victor Wembanyama, no doubt, long shorts are made for you! Moreover, for your height, often accompanied by thin legs, We advises you to wear this:

tall man choose his shorts according to his body shape

Denim shorts

With their very fitted and long cut  , these  denim shorts  are perfect for a tall man’s body shape! This classic, whatever the shade, matches dry builds and thin thighs !

Shorts according to body type for men, long chino Bermuda shorts

Chino shorts 

The most modern cut, it offers simplicity and comfort with its soft cotton . You will find all the codes for chino pants there. So if the rest of the year you thrive in chinos , don’t go any further, here it’s the same thing (in a shortened version).

Muscle men’s shorts

Do you prefer to spend your free time at the gym  rather than in the fashion store? We immediately gives you everything you need to know to highlight your muscles in shorts! Indeed, what’s the point of pumping up your quads and calves if no one can admire them?

A big fan of sports shorts , you already know that they fit you like a glove! To remember for muscular thighs, it is essential that your shorts reach you at least 10 cm above the knee to show  the results of your arduous training sessions.

Shorts for sporty men according to muscular body type

Fleece shorts

Not very elegant but effective, these sports shorts go wonderfully with  streetwear clothing . Made from a thick stretch material, it can be rolled up and therefore shortened. Also, it is suitable for all sizes thanks to its elasticity.

Semi-slim cut shorts for men according to their body shape

Semi-slim shorts 

At the crossroads between  Bermuda shorts and long chino shorts , the semi-slim shorts will soften the marked features of your thigh muscles while highlighting that much-deserved curve!

Skinny men’s shorts

You are often nicknamed “bag of bones” and you don’t know how to highlight this beautiful bag that you are? If you’re naturally thin, you’re in luck because fashion trends are moving towards oversize and layering  For an ideal trompe l’oeil!

The quest for volume should be your main mission when choosing your  men’s shorts according to your body shape ! Opt for oversized shorts and old school style ! However, if you are not a big fan of streetwear style , no problem, these Bermuda shorts models are not exclusively reserved for oversize!

Cargo shorts

Unmistakable, these cargo shorts have pretty little (or very large) side pockets on the thighs. They will offer a new dimension of volume to your thighs , just to develop imaginary quads in reinforced concrete!

Oversized baggy shorts for men depending on their body shape

Long baggy shorts

Come back to old school fashion and therefore long baggy shorts which are halfway between cargo and Bermuda shorts. Perfect for an oversized urban look , it will cut your leg in the middle of the kneecap!

Shorts for men with strong builds

Difficult to find men’s shorts in which you really feel comfortable and which do justice to your shape? We gives you here the ideal cut of men’s shorts according to your H or O body shape !

Why make it complicated when the simplest cut always has an effect? We advises you to  choose a tapered cut which will perfectly encompass your thighs while slimming your legs.

shorts for men according to their body shape Bermuda

Bermuda shorts

Cut slightly above the knee , Bermuda shorts are suitable for stout body types , especially if they are low-waisted. This allows you to highlight your contours without visual problems! For materials, it is necessary to favor fine materials  such as polyester which, moreover, is a slightly elastic fiber!

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