What did we do to deserve such great friends? 

The answer is nothing because in reality we do not deserve dogs. They are wholesome, will love you no matter what and are loyal to an adorable amount. There is a reason why there is a thing such as anxiety companion doggos and the such. Who will calm you down whenever you’re feeling down?

I might not be the biggest dog lover in the world but even I can admit that dogs love their family unconditionally. And the following pictures prove that. So whenever you’re scared, don’t fear your doggo will help you. And if you don’t have a dog then what are you exactly doing here?

#1 The owner was injured in a fall.

#2 This doggo saved his owner from freezing.

Via McLaren Northern Michigan

#3 Cuddles make everyone feel better.

Via CrtListenCryostat

#4 Pets taking care of their owner.

Via fessapuella

#5 The doggo knows his parent is pregnant.

Via okayyymovingon

#6 This doggo is here to support his hooman.

Via Ali’s Medical

#7 That baby has two fathers.

Via edilma

#8 ‘I’ll keep you warm and snug after you saved me.’

Via Anastik

My dog fell into an icy pond yesterday. My wife jumped in and saved him. This is how they slept last night.

#9 A surprise birthday for the father.

Via reddit

Today is my dad’s birthday, and all he wanted was to snuggle with our dog, who he hasn’t seen for a week because he’s been in the hospital. We managed to get clearance for this birthday surprise!

#10 Watching TV with your best bud.

Via WhenInDoubtGoWithCC

#11 ‘Take my paw and you’ll feel better.’

Via IrrelevantPancake

#12 ‘Do you want my toy?’

Via Rebecca Jude Weaver

#13 ‘This will make you feel better.’

Via Binatko

#14 We will keep you safe.

Via theredviolist09

#15 The baby is so happy.

Via textuality

#16 Someone to raise the spirits at the ICU.

Via StuffyUnicorn

Meet Eddie, the Hospital Therapy Dog who is always carrying around his bookbag of toys and can always be found in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit.

#17 The baby is not too sure about this one.

Via MisterMurphy64

#18 ‘Is it alright if I sit here?’

Via SharkRaptor

#19 ‘I will always be there for you.’

Via jorvis52

#20 That smile is everything.

Via Zatarra08

My dog takes care of me when I’m sick, he’s always watching me and he only sleeps when I’m sleeping. I took this picture right after I woke up.

#21 ‘I know I hurt you but when will you come back from the hospital?’

Via elaskows2

My dog tripped up my dad while playing catch in the backyard causing him to fall and fracture his tibia and fibula. He has been waiting at the front door for hours like this waiting for him to come home from the hospital.

#22 ‘We will not let you move.’

Via leobeo

#23 ‘I will stand guard while you use the bathroom.’

Via AllTheExsInTexas

#24 The sick grandmother is going to be all healed now.

Via sistom

#25 ‘Don’t say goodbye.’

Via Louvin

#26 The two best nurses ever.

Via Sabrina Sauve

#27 Is this calming you down?


#28 You will get all better because you have me.

Via McFryin

#29 You don’t need a blanket.

Via bruscemidrangus



#30 When your bae won’t let your arm go.

Via avantback

My flatmates dog knows when I have a bad day. She grabbed my arm and hugged it. Then I tried to move away…she said no. Once content, she fell asleep.

#31 Tell me what ails you.

Via NenaZombie

#32 We will all nap together.

Via lovethedaffodil



#33 I will protect you from everything little hooman.

Via corradoswapt

#34 You will not kiss my love.

Via reddit

My girlfriend fell asleep with my dog and he gave me this look after I kissed her on the cheek.

#35 Going to the dentist just got a little less scary.

Via Jmb012345

#36 Am I making you feel better?

Via m4sterpieces

#37 When your sick and your friends are ‘helping’.

Via Binky182

#38 And old doggo but a good doggo.

Via allenalc17



My sweet girl is getting old and has bad legs, so she doesn’t really come upstairs to my room anymore. I leave to go to college in a day, and she’s been laying here all night. It’s like she knows I’m leaving; I swear dogs have a sixth sense.

#39 Waiting for your parent to get home.

Via Nepkal

#40 Hug first all the other stuff later.

Via ShinyDisc0Balls

#41 Why are you coughing?

Via nickiter



#42 Who needs a bed when you’ve got a big doggo?

Via defx83

#43 Am I doing a good job?

Via psb1234

#44 I like reading much more than causing a ruckus.

Via GallowBoob



#45 You’re not going to leave me again, right?

Via makita_kapper

#46 We will make you feel better.

Via AtomikBalm

#47 Are your ears all warm now?

Via phaytal

#48 I will always be your friend.

Via atheist_verd

Even on a sick day, my youngest always has a friend.

#49 Are you okay?

Via mazzy126

#50 I think I can hear the heartbeat.

Via jester33455

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