In summer, the sun, even in the usual zone of residence, not to mention the latitudes closer to the equator, is active and can bring not only a pleasant tan, but also unwanted pigmentation, photoaging, and much worse – malignant formations on the skin.

Let’s not talk about the terrible consequences of thoughtless exposure to the sun, but rather let’s talk about summer makeup in combination with sun protection.

So, what options for sun protection along with makeup are possible in the summer?

Sunscreen + your non-SPF foundation


It just so happens that the choice of cream foundations with sunscreens in the natural segment is small. Therefore, this option is perfect for girls who, even in summer, do not want to change their favorite foundation and have dry or normal skin.

To use your usual care or not depends on the condition of your skin. Often this is not necessary, since sunscreens have a caring function and can overload the skin. But before applying foundation, wait 10-15 minutes for the sunscreen to be absorbed.

The action of SPF does not decrease, here, as with tights under jeans in winter – jeans do not annul the warmth of tights.

If your foundation contains SPF, then the cream that has the highest degree of protection will work.

Foundation, bb, cc cream with SPF


There are different degrees of protection – 15-50 SPF. It is important that you apply enough cream to your face. Veil or spot application will not work as protection. We apply care as usual, based on the condition of the skin at a given time.

SPF 15 is a great option for girls who spend most of the day indoors and for short walks. If you are planning long walks, outdoor activities, or you have fair skin, choose an SPF of 30 or more.

Mineral foundation powder


Perfect for girls with oily skin, a tendency to rashes and atopy. Currently, there is a large selection of mineral powders that, with the right application technique, give protection – 15-20 SPF (not all brands write about this, since they have not been tested). It is important to apply mineral foundation powder gradually over the entire face with twisting, shading movements. To do this, you need to use a thickly stuffed brush with an even cut – kabuki, flat top.

We apply care as usual.

Mineral powder veils applied over your usual makeup without using sunscreen or mineral foundation powder will not protect you from the sun’s rays, as the application layer will be very thin.

These methods of sun protection are described for staying in an urban environment, when you, after leveling the tone, perform all subsequent stages of makeup – apply blush, sculptor, eye makeup.

If you are at a resort or plan to engage in active sports in which the face is actively sweating, then you should remember that the coating will be broken and it is best to replace it.

At sea, my favorite is to use the Whamisa Cushion SPF 50 paired with a translucent powder. I also always shape my eyebrows and apply blush.

It is quite possible that when choosing a summer makeup product, you will find a new must-have for all seasons, because you need to protect your face from the sun not only in the heat! Try, experiment and share in the comments your ways of combining makeup and sun protection.