Wearing winter clothes has been an eternal headache for me. It has often felt that it is only in the spring that I can wear nice outfits and by February at the latest I have started waiting for the snow to melt. It doesn’t help that much when you look at how the people of Central Europe wear trench coats and ankle boots in the middle of winter, and then it strikes the depressed when you compare it to our snowfall and slush.


This year, however, it feels like I’ve gotten a little caught up in how to dress nicely all year round. Yes, this snow is already a bit undeniably boring, but this winter I have found such nice outfits that waiting for spring is quite tolerable.


The cold season is so long for us that the winter jacket is probably the most used clothing in every wardrobe of each of us. However, it should not always be invested in the way it deserves. With a few different styles and designs, you can take your winter style to a new level. Lately, my favorites have been extra-long and oversized jackets  I think outerwear can be bolder with colors and patterns than standard clothes!


I’m probably the last to realize this, but under the clothes you can add a technical underlay! In this way, even lighter clothes can be layered. On top of the layer, I wear a neutral-colored knit containing natural fibers that I’ve combined with almost every outfit. These sweaters are so hard to use that you can also reduce the number of washes on the underlayers and extend the life of your clothes. I’ve noticed that when there are plenty of warm layers underneath, even a cardigan can be worn in the middle of winter.


The scarf is perhaps the most important of my winter style accessories. You can’t do without a big scarf ! I prefer a large and attractive scarf around my neck that is also warmer than a narrow scarf. I’ve been wearing two big hobbies all winter that fit all my outfits. Anyway, all the accessories are an important thing in the winter style, because the outerwear covers almost the whole outfit in the winter.


At least I don’t feel terribly feminine when I’m wearing winter clothes, so I like to put a little extra on my makeup. In the summer, I prefer a little lighter makeup, but in the winter, I feel like I’m drowning in layers of clothing if I don’t invest in a little more makeup than usual. At least I make eyeliner with eyeliner and put on lipstick, so the feeling is not quite like a pole hiker. This winter, for the first time, I’ve tried all sorts of red lipstick, and I’ve noticed that bright lipstick is just like an accessory in itself.

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