It is better to create an evening look for a prom , starting with an outfit. This will make it easier to choose shoes, accessories and makeup so that they look beautiful and natural together.



  • Classic prom looks
  • Easy look for prom
  • Create a romantic prom look
  • Bright image for graduation


The tradition of graduation balls originates from the ceremony of bringing young girls of high society into the light. “Graduation ball” is the first official solemn event in the life of a teenager, so it is very important to pay attention to your appearance for both girls and boys.

Times are changing, fashion and requirements at “balls” have become more democratic, so when creating your image for the evening, you should think about some practical aspects of preparation:

  • Weather on graduation day?
  • How many locations will there be per evening?
  • Should I bring spare shoes and a second look for less formal occasions?

We have sorted out for you a few images for the prom.

An integral part of the classic prom look is floor-length evening dresses, high heels, and evening make-up.

Classic prom looks

Classic is a win-win option for any event. To create a classic bow fit:

  • plain A-line dress or with decorative inserts;
  • long dress in the Greek style;
  • stilettos, pumps in classic colors;
  • stacked curls or a high hairstyle for long hair;
  • styling in the style of Audrey Hepburn, “French shell” or voluminous bun on medium hair;
  • strict makeup in natural tones: beige / brown shadows, black eyeliner and mascara, arrows on the eyes, lipstick in pink or brown tones, but red is also allowed;
  • clutch, purse or small evening bag made of leather, velvet, suede.


You can complement the classic look with discreet jewelry – a string of pearls or an elegant chain with a pendant.

Easy look for prom

Ideal for creating a light image will be sundresses and dresses in the Greek style, free cut, from light “flying” translucent fabrics. The optimal length is maxi or just above the knee. Draperies and a flowing effect are also in the subject.

Or short chiffon models, multi-layered and airy. Options are available with straps, puffed sleeves or open back.

The theme is successfully supported by a floral or abstract print and the absence of heavy decor.

The color palette is light and pastel.

To pair with a fashionable outfit, you should wear sandals or wedge sandals. Priority materials for metallic or bright colors.

To maintain the image, choose makeup in delicate pastel colors – no overly bright accents, only light and pearly tones. Lipstick in pink, peach or light beige tones. Beads made of natural stones – turquoise, coral, opal, agate will complement the bow.

Create a romantic prom look

To create the image of a gentle and romantic girl, we need:

  • dress in a classic style;
  • this year, models with a fitted silhouette and a lush hem are popular, the optimal length is midi;
  • loose-fitting outfits with a small print;
  • vintage models with corset, tutu hem and retro details;
  • lace, frills, flounces, large bright prints, embroidery;
  • mid-length, long-sleeved outfits made of light translucent fabrics and with a printed pattern.

The choice should be made in favor of light natural fabrics: chintz, viscose, cotton, chiffon, silk.


To complete the look, you will need bright stilettos or high-heeled/platform sandals, a textile bag and bright, elegant jewelry with gems or beads.

Bright image for graduation

For the most long-awaited evening, you need to make an image carefully, starting with a dress or suit.

Suitable outfits with a deep neckline, asymmetrical cut, mini dresses or bustiers.

Support the idea of ​​a model with an adjacent silhouette, long floor-length dresses a la mermaid or with a deep slit along the hips.

An important point is bright eye-catching makeup, stylish massive jewelry, original accessories.