Translation of values ​​and practical help

A lookbook is a series of photographs of clothing from a specific brand that is created by:

  • In order to convey the values ​​of the company. Recently, such a trend as body positivity has become especially fashionable. Girls with non-standard appearance appear in the lookbook of the world’s most famous brands.
  • To show how items from the same collection fit together. An example is the site of the GLENFIELD store in Ufa . The goal of any entrepreneur is to make a profit, so it is beneficial for him when instead of one thing you get a whole wardrobe (blouse, skirt, jacket, shoes and accessories). But you can look at the same situation from a different perspective: firstly, this approach makes your life easier. Why go to other stores in search of the right shade and texture, if everything you need can be purchased in one place. Secondly, we must recognize that not all people have the taste or money for an experienced stylist. By copying the image from the pages of the catalog, you most likely will not lose.

The history of the lookbook began with a catalog. Studio monotonous photographs were created with one goal – to show things and their combination with each other. From the model in this case, only a pleasant appearance was required. As you can see, no frills.

As the textile industry developed, the situation changed: a huge number of brands appeared on the market, producing clothes of approximately the same quality at the same price (competition has increased by an order of magnitude). Since that time, mood began to appear in the photographs, and popular models began to play the roles of “dummies”. An example of a lookbook can be found on the website of the CATERINA LEMAN store in Ufa .

Lookbook is a provocation

Practice shows that provocation is the best way to attract attention. Of course, there is always a chance that conservative clients will not understand and refuse services, but there are always those who will accept a new ideology. As a rule, these are young people who are difficult to surprise or scare with something.