Men’s fashion tips to learn how to dress well!

The fundamentals of dressing well…

If there is one point that we should not ignore in terms of men’s fashion advice , it’s body shape.

It must be considered in each of your clothing choices  ; whether for length, cut or even material. Each body type has its own clothing codes to highlight your assets, whether you are thin, muscular, corpulent, tall or short.

And if you have trouble defining which category you belong to, discover How to properly define your body shape?

men's fashion tips for dressing well

In close collaboration with your body shape, there is… your complexion! Dressing well is also a matter of colors, so discover the colors that suit you well .

Men’s fashion advice for finding your style?

Clothing style is defined by influences which all come from different worlds: pop culture, music, cinema, etc.

men's fashion style tips

 A summary of men’s fashion advice in which you can discover how to adopt a 100% vintage look , the art of tailoring or even how to build a streetwear style .

men's look tips

Look ideas of the week for men…

After the theoretical explanation of the different clothing styles for men, comes the practical!

And, the icing on the cake, they all come with a  shopping selection .

How to dress for the occasion?

Because we don’t dress the same way to go to work as to go to an evening or to a wedding, We shares with you his advice for choosing the right outfit for each occasion .

Whether it’s to dress for a job interview , to a festival, to play sports, or to meet your in-laws, you will find in the dressing for an occasion section everything you need to know to build a look that will highlight you without any faux pas!

Men's accessories fashion advice

Men’s fashion advice for dressing ethically!

The use of sustainable materials, short-circuit delivery, and fair and equitable working conditions. So it’s only natural that you will be able to discover many brands and young ethical creators .

ethical fashion advice

You will also find the toolbox to understand everything about eco-responsible fashion labels . And a whole bunch of advice to make your wardrobe greener, to wash your clothes while reducing your impact on the environment, to dress in thrift stores and even to give a second life to your clothes.

Men’s fashion advice on clothing:

T-shirt & top

From the iconic white T-shirt to the hoodie without forgetting the sweater and polo shirt, We

combs through each top in the men’s wardrobe. Tips for choosing the right hoodie, Polo designer made in France or even a short practical guide to  men’s t-shirts, it’s all there!

men's shirt fashion advice

Shirt & Suit

You will find in the shirts and suits category numerous articles to help you find your way between materials and cuts of shirts adapted to your body type, type of collars, cufflinks and tailor-made suit …

Jacket & Coat

Jackets and coats are the big pieces in your wardrobe . Often expensive, they should be chosen carefully to last you a long time and match maximum wearability and seasons.

Whether it’s choosing your men’s down jacket , finding your future blazer or your leather perfecto , there are details to pay attention to!

Down jacket advice for men


Whether tailor-made or standard, We Have good addresses to provide you with for your Trousers and Jeans . It is one of the most determining pieces of your look for your figure, so it is important to choose a cut adapted to your body shape . Jeans fashion advice


Men’s underwear is a rarely discussed yet extremely important subject. Indeed, the quality of your underwear will determine your daily comfort! The most essential of all being our article How to choose the material of your boxers . You will also find all our advice for choosing your socks but also for learning how to match them to your style.

men's underwear tips

The accessories

We can never repeat it enough, fashion accessories are an integral part of a good look for men . It’s not about becoming a walking Christmas tree but about adding elements to your outfit sparingly. This can be done with a leather belt, sunglasses or a cap. And, in this regard, our fashion blog is full of advice on how to choose them well and combine them with your look.

Belt fashion advice

Watch and jewelry

Shunned by some, essential for others, watches and jewelry allow you to add a more personal touch to your style. we find creators of artisanal jewelry every month, whether signet rings , bracelets or necklaces. If you are looking for a unique piece of jewelry you may well find it here.

men's jewelry fashion tips

Concerning watches, automatic or mechanical, We invites you to discover the world of watchmaking. Top of the most beautiful watches in the world to dream about, but also Swiss watchmakers and watches co-created with the community. So much content to discover a preview of pre-order watch models and rediscover the iconic ones.

The shoes

It’s all about shoes ! Who hasn’t started by taking a look at a person’s shoes before detailing the rest of their clothing? An excellent indicator of a person’s style and references, they should be selected with caution.

fashion tips for men shoes

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