Staying irresistible this summer is easy with trendy summer dresses. Let’s find out what is in trend in the new season and what outfits to replenish the wardrobe.



  • shirt dresses
  • A-line models with long sleeves
  • Straight fit with leg slit and voluminous sleeve
  • Wrap dresses
  • Sundresses
  • Styles with open back and shoulders
  • Actual colors and fabrics


Popular trends and styles

The main idea of ​​recent years is the emphasis on practicality. Universal summer dresses for all occasions are in fashion.

shirt dresses

This style has many advantages:

  • these summer dresses are absolutely unpretentious to the situation, during the day you can safely wear it at work without fear of a dress code, in the evening with stilettos, a clutch and jewelry, it easily turns into a formal outfit and will accompany you to the movies, to a concert or a gala dinner ;

  • the style will “make friends” with any figure and will not become a problem if you gain weight – the outfit skillfully hides excess volume, and a vertical thin striped shirt is simply created for owners of magnificent forms;
  • a vertical line with buttons running along the entire length or up to the waist, thanks to which the silhouette visually seems longer and more elegant;
  • shirts are combined not only with high-heeled shoes, but also with sneakers, sneakers, a miniature backpack, fanny pack or messenger bag over the shoulder will help to complement the sporty look.

You can wear a shirt on its own or with jeans, trousers and shorts, leggings. You can even wear it open, when unbuttoned, the dress looks stylish with jeans and a T-shirt or a long T-shirt, or over another dress.

This season, styles of summer dresses of medium-length shirts are in fashion – midi or above the knee, free cut, fitted and trapeze. Sleeveless models are especially popular, but if you have full hands – your choice is a long loose sleeve or 3/4, they are also in demand and hide fullness well. 

A wide belt will help to emphasize the waistline, and beads or a pendant will focus on the chest line. The coolest thing about this style is that it pairs with jewelry and accessories in any style, giving you complete freedom of choice.

A-line models with long sleeves

A classic fitted cut with a long, wide hem is a summer hit. But if you want to emphasize the grace of the figure, it is better to choose a dress just above the knee length for the summer.

The emphasis on the waist makes any figure feminine, and if you want to divert attention from curvy shapes, complete the dress with a wide belt with a massive buckle.

So that the sun does not burn your arms and shoulders, choose outfits with long sleeves. Fitted sleeves and lanterns are suitable for slender girls, for full arms a wide free sleeve without puffs is preferable. 

Together with a short jacket or an elongated jacket to the middle of the thigh, dresses will become an important part of the office wardrobe. And with bright decorations, they will easily turn into a weekend outfit. 

Straight fit with leg slit and voluminous sleeve

Voluminous sleeves, deep cuts and slits, bright prints are the main way to stay in trend:

  • A slit along the hip line will give a formal look to a strict outfit and provide freedom of movement.


  • A slender figure is emphasized by cuts in the center to hide the fullness – choose models with a side slit.
  • At the height of fashion, short lantern sleeves are the choice for a sporty figure, and long cuffs for full arms and shoulders. 

  • The straight silhouette looks good on any body type.

Pair the dresses with denim jackets or plain cropped jackets, a belt bag or a pouch for a casual look. Or add voluminous jewelry – three-row colored beads, a necklace of gems – for a solemn mood.

Wrap dresses

These dresses are good for both work and leisure.

For the office, choose plain models or in a small print, complemented by pumps with medium heels. 

Dresses with floral prints and colorful patterns will support the informal atmosphere.

Wrap dresses are spectacular and do not need accessories, but you can emphasize their beauty with a thin gold chain around the neck or an elegant leather strap.

And yes, they suit any figure – both curvy and thin, you just need to choose the right length.


Long summer sundresses are relevant on the beach, on the street, at work and in a cafe or club:

  • The trend is a straight loose fit and a “Greek silhouette” with a high waist. 
  • A one-color model will become the basis of a summer office wardrobe, along with a long jacket with a belt or a fitted jacket with buttons.

  • To relax, choose models in floral, geometric or abstract prints, mixing them with textile bags, large colored bracelets, woven leather sandals and sunglasses with bright frames. 

Styles with open back and shoulders

An open back is not just a bright accent, it is also a real salvation in the heat – it provides ventilation and coolness to the body.

The dresses are perfect for relaxing, meeting friends, shopping, parties or the beach.

Harmoniously combined with the decoration of a large floral pattern, which can be emphasized with miniature decorations in a business style and a wicker, knitted or textile shopper bag. The theme is large sunglasses with colored lenses, a charming straw hat or scarf.

Actual colors and fabrics

The trend is natural light fabrics – cotton, linen, viscose, silk, chiffon or mixed materials with the addition of synthetic fibers for practicality. 

The hottest colors are white, yellow and blue. Black, brown, beige and olive are also popular. The color scheme is extremely diverse. For bright and bold sets, choose dresses in pink, blue, turquoise, emerald, purple shades. A light and delicate image is emphasized by outfits in pastel colors – peach, pearl, powdery, lemon, lilac.

Of the details in the focus of attention are frills, ruffles, flounces, draperies, a deep neckline, puffed sleeves and pleats on the skirt. But be careful – voluminous sleeves and an abundance of frills visually make you fat, this is the choice of slender and athletic ladies. But the folds on the skirt look great on donuts and “steal” the fullness, just choose models with a long hem below the knee.