Can you live without a hair dryer, flat iron or curling iron? They are not vital, but they make the process of styling and drying hair easier. There is a big “BUT” – heat styling significantly damages curls, making them dry and brittle.

Walking around with a “nest on your head” and waiting half a day for your hair to dry naturally is not an option. If you can’t resist the comfort of styling and drying, be sure to use a heat protectant. Now they can be found not only in the mass market, but also from manufacturers of natural cosmetics.

Why is it important to protect hair from heat?

If you look at the hair under a microscope, you can see the rod and many scales covering it. Normally, the scales fit snugly together, the hair retains moisture and elasticity. Under the action of high temperature, the scales rise and open, moisture begins to evaporate intensively from the hair, keratin (hair protein) is destroyed, the hair loses its strength and begins to break off.

Important: temperatures above 150 degrees are already dangerous. The destruction of hair protein occurs very quickly – this can be compared to the process of frying scrambled eggs in a pan. Of course, hair does not deteriorate the first time, these damages accumulate until they appear on the condition of the curls.

Thermal protectants create a protective film  – a barrier between the heat from styling tools and the hair itself. The film closes the scales, prevents moisture loss, brittleness and dehydration, facilitates the styling process.

What works in thermal hair protection?

As a rule, silicones are the main component that protects hair from overheating. They reduce heat, protect from external aggressive influences. But the effect of silicones is only visible: they do not affect the general condition of the hair and do not provide any deep restoration.

However, there are also natural alternatives to silicones that are used in organic cosmetics. They are more environmentally friendly, do not accumulate in the hair, are easily washed out and give additional care in addition to protection:

  • broccoli oil,
  • sensolene (a fat-soluble lipid derived from olive oil),
  • inulin (an organic substance from the group of polysaccharides, a polymer of D-fructose).

In addition, powerful components are betaine, silk proteins , wheat, rice and others, enveloping oils (jojoba, soybean, corn, castor, peach, almond, burdock, argan, grape seed), bamboo extract, palmaria algae.

The composition of thermal protective agents often contains vitamins, minerals, amino acids, plant extracts. Useful components additionally care for the hair, strengthen it, smooth it, make it shiny, healthy and silky.

An Overview of Natural Thermal Protection Products

Serum-thermal protection for hair “Vitamin Cocktail”, Krasnopolyanskaya cosmetics

What protects: wheat and silk proteins, D-panthenol

Hair type: dry and damaged

Leave-in serum is a product for tired, lifeless, dry and damaged hair. Serum protects hair not only from high temperatures, but also from ultraviolet radiation. The tool makes the hair more voluminous and lifts at the roots when styling. Removes electrification and fluffiness. The product will definitely appeal to owners of porous hair.

Heat protection spray for hair with acai oil,

What protects: wheat proteins, betaine

Hair type: all types

Universal thermal protection in a convenient spray format reliably protects hair from high temperatures. Wheat proteins minimize the damage from curling, hair dryer and ironing, restore damaged areas, maintain an optimal level of moisture in the hair. Laminaria extract nourishes the roots, moisturizes the scalp, improves microcirculation, stimulates the growth of healthy hair. Acai oil protects against negative environmental factors. The spray does not weigh down the hair, makes it manageable, facilitates styling and combing, and gives shine.

Protective hair balm, leave-in, Nano Organic

What protects: Palmaria extract, jojoba oil, provitamin B5, vitamins A and E

Hair type: all hair types

The product with a light gel texture and herbal aroma moisturizes and smoothes the hair along the entire length, making combing easier. The product does not weigh down and does not stick hair, retains friability and softness. The main “defender” is palmaria algae. It envelops each hair, creates an invisible film, smoothes the cuticle, neutralizes the negative effects of ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures.

Hair Serum “Protein”, ChocoLatte

What protects: jojoba oil, silk and wheat proteins

Hair type: damaged and brittle

Natural whey has a consistency reminiscent of whipped yogurt, and smells so that it is difficult to resist tasting it. The tool is easily distributed through the hair and is absorbed instantly, leaving behind only pleasant sensations. The serum contains a phospholipid complex with keratin, silk and wheat proteins, jojoba oil. Active ingredients are built into damaged areas of the hair, restoring their smoothness and silkiness. The serum also soothes the scalp, eliminating itching and discomfort. Hair is hydrated and nourished after use.

Moisturizing thermal protection spray for hair, Logona

What Protects: Bamboo Extract and Betaine

Hair type: dry and damaged, with sensitive scalp

Moisturizing thermal protection spray reliably protects hair from damage when exposed to temperatures up to 200 degrees. Bamboo and aloe vera extracts cover the curls with an invisible film that protects against the effects of thermal devices. Betaine protects against overheating, restores and improves the structure of the hair along the entire length. Hair will be alive, moisturized, silky and soft. There is no unpleasant effect of oiliness and stickiness. Active ingredients soothe the scalp, fight itching and irritation. The aroma of the spray is refreshing, invigorating, citrus – a cross between lime and lemon.

Organic baobab hair serum, Planeta Organica

What protects: baobab oil, lupine protein

Hair type: all hair types

Serum protects brittleness, dryness, dehydration and split ends. Baobab oil strengthens weakened hair with a powerful repairing action. After using the serum, the hair becomes dense, but not heavy, shiny and soft, easy to comb. Cocoa extract nourishes the hair, stimulates its growth and gives strength. The serum is consumed very economically, does not make the hair greasy and does not stick together. Separately, I would like to note a pleasant perfume-creamy aroma.

Antistatic hair spray, smoothing, Botavikos

What protects: soybean oil, katran oil phytosterols

Hair type: brittle, damaged, curly

Anti-static spray with thermal protection function provides complete hair care, and will also become an indispensable assistant for thermal styling. Soybean oil minimizes the effect of hot appliances, and katran oil phytosterols protect the hair structure from damage, restore silkiness and elasticity. The spray fights electricity and fluffiness, smoothes the hairs, and helps maintain neat styling all day. The tool smoothes naughty curls.

Thermal protection serum “French silk”, indelible, Ecocraft

Protects: inulin

Hair type: any hair type

Serum with a light gel texture does not weigh down the hair and has a cumulative effect. With regular use, the curls will no longer be tangled, they will be smooth, silky and soft. Hair after straightening does not look lifeless and is transformed. The product is used sparingly, so do not pay attention to the small volume of the bottle. The dispenser works properly, smoothly dispensing a portion of serum without “spitting”. After applying the product, the hair becomes denser, nourished, elastic.