Hair trends change every year, but the dream of long hair does not leave most women even when androgynous ultra-short haircuts are at the peak of fashion. But no matter what hair length is comfortable for you, everyone wants to have strong, thick hair.

The problem of hair loss is familiar to many, and in this article we want to share effective ways to deal with it at home.

Normally, we lose about 100 hairs a day, but if you notice an unusually plentiful amount of them on your comb or in the sink after washing, you should pay a little more attention to your hair.

To begin with, we list the main reasons for the loss : 

 – seasonal beriberi

– deficient conditions of the body after infectious and colds (especially accompanied by elevated body temperature)

– hormonal changes (for example, pregnancy, childbirth)

– effects of stress

– sleep disorders

– malnutrition

– iron deficiency

– endocrine diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract

– dandruff, oily seborrhea

– androgenetic alopecia (male pattern baldness)

– improper hair care (frequent use of a hair dryer, ironing, neglect of thermal protection and care products)

– heredity.


How to grow long hair?

Of course, it is easier to deal with the consequences of improper care, nutrition, or even stress than with hereditary alopecia or loss associated with endogenous diseases. However, certain changes in diet and beauty routine, as well as the inclusion of special products, can provide significant support for your hair and significantly improve it.


We include in the daily diet seasonal vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fatty fish, seeds, unrefined oils.


An evening massage of the scalp with natural oil (almond, burdock, olive, grape seed oil) will stimulate blood circulation, help establish nutrition and activate dormant hair follicles. In addition, a light massage will help relieve stress, relax and go to sleep sooner. Important: a very small amount of oil is needed for massage, about 1 tsp.

beauty rituals

Make it a habit to wash your hair with warm, not hot water. Use sulfate-free shampoos that will gently cleanse the scalp, and it will not have to protect itself from aggressive products with increased sebum secretion. After every hair wash, use a natural balm without silicones, and at least once a week – a deeply nourishing mask.

We connect special forces

Special-purpose products will help speed up the restoration of density and hair growth.

Based on the innovative Capixyl asset and a unique plant complex, Kleona Nettle Serum is designed to combat hair loss caused by various causes.

Due to the rich composition based on extracts and oils of the most effective plants for hair health (nettle, coltsfoot, horsetail, burdock, chamomile, etc.), the serum has a complex healing effect on the scalp and hair structure:

  • enhances blood circulation in the scalp
  • increases the amount of new hair
  • strengthens the hair structure and protects against damage.

In addition, the serum is effective in androgenetic alopecia, since its components suppress the production of the hormone dihydrotestosterone, which is responsible for hair loss. 

A nice addition is the sebum-regulating effect of the serum and the fight against dandruff and oily seborrhea, which can also provoke increased hair loss. 

For a noticeable result, use the serum 3-4 times a week for at least three months. By the way, the application of serum can be combined with an evening scalp massage to get a synergistic effect. 

Serum is suitable for hair of any color, except for very light, as it can dye the hair of blondes.

Our hair is always a reflection of what is happening inside us. Compliance with simple rules of care and living in a healthy lifestyle will help you establish harmony between the inner and outer. We wish you and your hair to welcome spring in great shape!