The hot season is the time of fashionable summer looks for girls and 2022 has brought us a lot of beautiful ideas and stylish new products. What are the trends in fashion and what to wear – we study and dress up.



  • Beautiful and practical images for any occasion


Beautiful and practical images for any occasion

This summer, the trend for convenience has firmly established itself. The focus is on casual dresses and suits that are comfortable to wear and versatile. From work to shopping, and from there, without changing clothes, to a restaurant – nothing is easier with things from the latest collections. 

We compose popular summer looks for girls and try them on:

  • for a romantic bow, a fitted dress with a wide hem and a long translucent sleeve is ideal, an open back and a floral print give lightness and tenderness;

  • printed maxi sundress – a versatile option for relaxing, the beach or work; 

  • a thin T-shirt with a skirt or jeans – and the casual urban look is ready;

  • light mid-thigh shorts are suitable for any occasion, combined with tops, T-shirts and T-shirts, long or cropped jackets and even blouses;

  • an original summer look for a woman – a wide silk blouse with a strap around the neck, looks great paired with classic trousers or a straight cropped skirt.

This season, clothing made from thin, breathable fabrics to protect against the heat is still relevant. Cotton, silk, chiffon, viscose combined with a polka dot print or a small flower is a good duet for relaxation, business meetings and romantic dates.