The modern woman moving up the corporate ladder dresses as if she has already reached the top. We will tell you 5 tips on how to demonstrate competence, confidence and professional level with the help of formal business attire)


1. Start with your goals.

This will become the basis of your style. Do you want to create a confident look? Do you want to show that you care about the event and dress accordingly? Or do you prefer comfort


2. Dress appropriately for the occasion and consistently.

When choosing an image for an office/meeting, start with the basics – a suit, trousers, dress, and gradually collect the puzzle of the whole image further. So the image will look harmonious and the elements will be combined with each other.


3. Some things are timeless.

Others can only be used for one season. Decide which items you want to keep and invest in quality over quantity.


4. Pick a basic color palette.

When designing your wardrobe, start with neutral colors like black, white, blue, brown, grey. All of them are easy to mix and match and will never go out of style.


5. Emphasize the individuality of your image.

Emphasize and personalize your look with one or two pieces. Once you’ve established the basics of your style, you can spice up your outfit by playing with luxurious fabrics like silk or cashmere and bolder colors. You can also use interesting accessories such as a belt, watch strap, jewelry, scarf, etc.