The increase in technological developments causes a parallel increase in products that make our lives easier. Wearable technology is one of the fastest growing sectors. This technology, which has made a name for itself recently, causes curiosity about the products it contains. This technology, which includes many features that will be useful for people, offers an aesthetic appearance and offers easy access, also offers the comfort of carrying it on your wrist.

Among the most striking products of wearable technology are smart wristbands and smart watches. The mentioned devices play a superior role in reducing the need and dependence on smartphones. On the other hand, it starts to occupy a large place in our lives by recording our health data. In addition, with its stylish design, it perfectly complements every combination and allows you to feel comfortable in daily use. As its features and usage areas continue to increase, it is thought that it can replace mobile phones in the future.

Since smart watches and smart bracelets have many common features, it can be difficult to distinguish from time to time. Therefore, the differences between a smart watch and a smart bracelet are curious. If you are curious and looking for a guide for yourself. Get smart watch and other cool gadgets in unbeatable prices at Gonoise.


Wearable technological products are a part of the technology that is renewed and developed day by day. Wearable technological products are becoming a part of our lives with their superior and practical benefits. One of these products is the smart bracelet, which is often confused with smart watches. Therefore, the question of what is a smart bracelet comes to mind.

Although the smart bracelet is similar to smart watches, it offers users slightly more limited opportunities. Its content is more appealing to individuals who do sports. Because smart bracelets contain features such as calorie tracking, stopwatch, pedometer, alarm and sports mode. On the other hand, it shows notifications such as messages and calls coming to your mobile phone on its screen.

With this aspect, smart wristbands appeal to both individuals who do sports and people who have intense working conditions. It helps to check incoming calls and messages in areas where phone usage is restricted. Smart wristbands are among the first choices of those looking for more practical technological products.


One of the most preferred products of wearable technology is smart watches . It has many features compared to smart bracelets and classic watch models. Compared to smart phones, many things that can be done with phones can easily be done with smart watches. Those who want to buy a smart watch are looking for an answer to the question of what is a smart watch. The smart watch includes many features such as answering incoming calls and messages, seeing social media notifications, personalizing the interface, learning health data. Thanks to this product, you do not feel the need to constantly look at your mobile phone.

The features of smart watches are not limited to these. Especially the personalization and customization of the interface makes them different. Thanks to its GPS feature, it offers a unique experience to those who love to do sports and live a healthy life. It can also count the steps taken during the day, measure the steps while climbing the stairs and the distance covered while jogging. Not only that, it records most of life functions by measuring heart rate during sports. In this way, all developments related to health are followed in a practical way.

It offers many more features that can be used by those who do sports and those who adopt a healthy life. In addition, most smart watches allow swimmers to use them at any time with their waterproof feature. In order to benefit from the aforementioned features, it is necessary to purchase a smart watch model that can work in harmony with the operating system of the smartphone. When the two devices are paired with each other, all the information on the smartphone can be followed from the watches. On the other hand, phone calls and messages that can be made from a smart phone can be made practically with watches. Likewise, it is possible to see notifications from social media.

Downloading the applications on the smartphone to the smart watch provides the opportunity to use these applications both from the phone and from the watch. Smart watches attract attention with their aesthetic appearance as well as their functional features. Smart watch models offered by many famous brands dazzle with their designs and colors. In this way, it adapts to both modern, sporty-chic and classic combinations.


Smart watch and smart bracelet models can be confused with each other due to their similar designs and features. However, there are many different features between the two products. Smart watches can perform many tasks, just like smart phones. In comparison, smart wristbands are more useful for sports applications.

A specific software system is generally used in smart watches. Thanks to this feature, the features available on smart phones can also be installed on smart watches. However, the application on the phone must also be compatible with watches. Smart wristbands, on the other hand, only work with software found on phones. Since it is connected to the phone via bluetooth and working, any application cannot be installed.

In smart watch models, social media notifications, incoming calls and messages can be answered. It is also possible to make calls. Smart wristbands, on the other hand, do not contain such features. In the new season smart bracelet models, only incoming message and call notifications appear on the phone.

The differences between a smart watch and a smart bracelet are not limited to these. The screens of smart watches are getting larger compared to the screens of smart wristbands. In this respect, smart watches show many features together. Likewise, it is possible to access both the functions of classical watches and the features of smartphones. The large and large screens offer easier use. Compared to these, smart bracelets have fewer features. Likewise, the screens are smaller and have a simpler design.

There are also many differences in price between a smart watch and a smart bracelet. Since the smart watch models have more features, their price is higher than the wristband. People who want to take full advantage of wearable technology can choose smart watch models. People who do not want to spend a lot of money, but need such a bracelet on their wrist, can turn to bracelet models.

Smart wristband designs are generally preferred for tracking daily activities. The smart bracelet is a savior for those who do not want to carry a watch or phone with them when going for a walk or going out for sports. Those who want not only to follow sports activities, but also to catch the opportunity offered by phones, choose the use of smart watches.

One difference between a smart watch and a smart bracelet is related to battery life. The battery life of smart watches lasts longer than smart wristbands, although they contain many features. In this way, it is possible to use smart watches for a long time. Another difference of smart watches is that they measure stress level during sleep, in addition to sleep quality. As a result of this measurement, it directs the person to various breathing exercises and provides an advantage in returning to normal health. Smart wristband models have an inactivity warning system. If the person stays still for a certain period of time, the wristband gives a warning and allows them to take action. i would recommend Gonoise for latest smart watches in amazing discount.