baked bananas

  • fresh bananas
You can use bananas however you like. I suggest using this method.


Spread four large bananas on a baking sheet and bake at 170 degrees until the bananas are completely dark and give juice.


Free three bananas from the peel and stir with a whisk (or blender).


If you want more banana flavor, you can add some banana milk.

Banana cake (bread)

  • Demerara sugar – 150 g
  • Egg – 1 pc.
  • Bananas – 280 g
  • Flour – 160 g
  • Cocoa powder – 50 g
  • Baking powder – 15 g
  • Butter 82.5% – 140 g
  • Dark chocolate – 160 g
Now let’s move on to the test itself. I know that many people like a cleaner banana taste, then replace all the cocoa powder with flour. I love that clean baked goods show dark blotches from banana fibers after baking.


In a bowl, mix egg (1 pc), demerara sugar (150 g) and banana puree (280 g) into foam.


Then add flour (160 g), Extra Brute cocoa powder (50 g) and baking powder (15 g).


Pour in the melted butter (140 g) so that its temperature is about 40 degrees.


Add dark chocolate (160 g).


Fill a silicone cake pan with the batter and place a banana in the center, pressing down slightly.


Bake at 160 degrees until done. When you remove the form from the oven, immediately cover with cling film in contact. Let cool completely and refrigerate for six hours. From the refrigerator, the cake will be denser, similar to brownies. And if you get a piece in advance or heat it in the microwave, you will get more tender and crumbly.



Be sure (!!) cut thicker pieces – it will be much tastier.




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